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Re: How far should I go with the Star Wars novels?

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Jedi v. Sith turned me off at first. I thought the artwork was too cartoony. Plus I read it after reading the first Bane book. However I eventually came to enjoy it. I still think the Bane book was better because it went deeper in exploring Bane's character in addition to all of the principals involved in the Battle of Rusaan (sp). And it gave the child soldiers better names than Tomcat and Rain.
I just thought Bane was way more of a badass in the comic. He seemed like someone who'd been around, and someone you wouldn't cross. The novels turned him into a relative newcomer, and something less of an unstoppable force. (I hate those orbalisk things with a fiery passion.) I especially hate how he looks on the novel covers-- like some kinda overweight clown with bad makeup!
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