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Re: Who would you cast for an imaginary TNG Reboot

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I'm not familiar with Haley's acting range to be honest, I only have X-Men 3 as my frame of reference. But given her appearance, she could believably be Beverley's daughter.
Well, that doesn't really follow, because if we're recasting the roles, we don't know what this version of Beverly would look like.

How about Jensen Ackles for Riker? He's only three years younger than Jonathan Frakes was back in '87.
A few weeks ago, I would've said no, since what I'd seen of him didn't impress me. But he did a great job as the voice of Red Hood in Batman: Under the Red Hood, so maybe.

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If it were done Abrams style, we'd have all the characters amp'd up. Riker would be a total "player", Picard a stodgy genius who hates children...
How is that different from the original?

The RedLetter review of ST'09 had some good insights into this and the stunning statistic that 90%+ of the last few years' films have all been reboots. Wow.
Not stunning to me. For most of history, the majority of literature and drama has been retellings of existing stories. Shakespeare practically never told an original story in his life. Sure, today there are more original stories being created, and they're nominally the preference in our culture, but you're never going to completely get rid of a pattern that's been a part of human creative habits since the dawn of human memory.
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