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Re: How far should I go with the Star Wars novels?

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I must admit this has already been much more positive than I thought. I figured I'd get nothing but hate for the post NJO books. I must admit, I have been reading about the events of the LoTF and FotJ books on wookiepedia, and they do sound pretty interesting.

What about the Bane books, and Crosscurrent?
I found the first Bane book okay-- it didn't live up to the potential set up by Jedi vs. Sith-- and the second one hugely tedious. I didn't bother with the third.

Crosscurrent was good, solid Star Wars-y fun. Who cares if it stars characters you never heard of before? So did a movie called Star Wars back in 1977.
Jedi v. Sith turned me off at first. I thought the artwork was too cartoony. Plus I read it after reading the first Bane book. However I eventually came to enjoy it. I still think the Bane book was better because it went deeper in exploring Bane's character in addition to all of the principals involved in the Battle of Rusaan (sp). And it gave the child soldiers better names than Tomcat and Rain.

As I stated before, I enjoyed the whole series. I recommend you checking out three if you're a completist. It had some good moments and a couple interesting twists.

Definitely agree on Crosscurrent. It was a fun read.
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