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Re: How far should I go with the Star Wars novels?

Actually, due to the PT, Stormtroopers are now a mix of clones and non-clones. Not all the clones are from the Jango template.
You mean in the OT or the PT? In the OT, there were never supposed to be any clones, that's a retcon.

I remember reading the Star Wars novelization as a kid and I always got the impression that Obi Wan was fighting against the clones.
I assumed the war was over clones, not that they were fighting. The bad guys were using cloning to create slaves and that was a terrible violation of human (sentient) life that the Republic was trying to stamp out.

I don't like robots or clones in the fighting. It's a cheap way for Lucas to sanitize violence. If someone gets blown up, it should be a "real person." Of course the clones are as real as anyone but the implication struck me that they weren't being treated like that, the Republic thought it was okay to breed them for cannon fodder which is the total opposite of what I thought was going to happen!
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