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Re: How far should I go with the Star Wars novels?

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I think my least favorite thing about the Post-ROTJ novels is how pacifist and do-nothing all the Jedi are. Obviously this decision was made way before the Prequels came out and now they're stuck with it. But the Prequels showed the Jedi to be war generals while the NJO Jedi had a long tiresome debate about whether they should be fighting an extragalactic invasion because it might turn them to the dark side

Much as I love Luke in the Post-ROTJ novels, his reluctance to take action is really annoying.
I dunno, seems like a reasonable fear. Of course Lucas could have helped the NJO out a bit (was the PT made before or after the NJO?) by depicting Anakin's military career more definitively as a major cause of his fall to the Dark Side.

It makes sense in one way - if you use the Force in violent ways for an extended period of time, why wouldn't it have an impact on your mentality? It makes no sense in another way - the Jedi have lightsabers and are obviously geared up to be some form of law enforcement, so are all of them at risk? And is the risk worth it? Can't the Republic's regular military handle the war-fighting and the Jedi can do something else, like roam around righting wrongs like the Lone Ranger?

Come to think of it, the martial aspect of the Jedi isn't the only way they could have organized themselves. The Force doesn't impel you towards violence, it just makes it a lot easier to be effective with violence. But they could also have been power-behind-the-throne types, using only Jedi mind control, or evolved in other ways having nothing to do with the exercise of political power.

Anyway I like the fact that they're having the debate at all. It shows the novels are thinking about the ramifications of the Force in interesting ways, which is something I wanted to see more of in the movies (or any of, haw!)
I never quite bought the Jedi jumping forward to lead this army created for mysterious purposes, which was just conveniently produced in time to counter the Separatists. It seemed like some Jedi at least would be suspicious of that.
Yeah the characters were made to be way too gullible in the PT. And the problem with the clone army is that it implies the Republic had no regular troops willing to defend it! A Republic that can't earn the defense of its people deserves to fall. Yet the Empire had all sorts of non-clone Stormtroopers, so what gives? Did the Empire have a better health plan?

The Clone War label could have just as easily worked for a war where the bad guys were the ones producing the clone army. The Republic should have had plenty of people willing to defend it, even in a trumped up war. The Jedi should have been the most suspicious of the trumping-up, but the common people would have been less so. The Jedi might have been following along with popular sentiment rather than getting out in front. That sort of story is what makes sense.
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