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Re: How far should I go with the Star Wars novels?

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^That really kinda agrivates me. Of the books I've read so far most have had some really cool supporting characters, and I was really hoping as time went on they would take a bigger role. Especially the younger characters, after all the big three are getting up there, hell even Jaina must be getting into her thirties by now. This isn't enough to change my mind about the books, but it definitly does lower my anticipation a tiny bit.
I agree that the SW novel writers have squandered a lot of cool characters. At the website there was a debate, probably still ongoing, about how continued focus on the Big Three is hurting the SW EU. There's pro and con arguments. Though I think the focus is to some extent. And it doesn't need to be because there are good characters out there, they just aren't getting the development and exposure needed so that Del Ray or Lucasfilm or whoever can feel unafraid enough to hand off the reins to them.

The comics don't have this problem and have created some pretty memorable protagonists who, while they will never be as popular as the Big Three, seem to sell books and create fans. I just with the novels would take more chances in this arena and start putting the Big Three in the background and letting a new generation emerge to carry the books forward.
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