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Re: The Photoshop Thread, Part IV

There's some most excellent work in here I'm afraid my own efforts are not too good in comparison. I've mainly just done headswaps, or pasting a uniform around an existing photo for RPG characters in my own Trek universe. Nevertheless here's my photos, see what you all make of them.

Commander Kathryn Janeway, Executive Officer, USS Lakota

Ensign Ezri Tigan, Senior Nurse, USS Voyager

Lieutenant (JG) Bronwyn Robinson, Transporter Chief, USS Voyager

Lieutenant (JG) Raye Gunn, Security Division, USS Voyager

Ensign Samuel Donaldson, Security Division, USS Voyager

Lieutenant (JG) Joanna Darcy, Security Division, USS Voyager

Lieutenant Andrew Cadamarteri, Engineer, Deep Space Nine

Lieutenant Christopher Chambers, CMO, USS Exeter

Lieutenant Danielle Fairchild, Science Officer, USS Exeter

Lieutenant Nicola Raven, Asst. Security Chief, USS Starquest

Commander Steven Nash, USS Starquest

Lieutenant (JG) Susan Severin, Asst. Security Chief, USS White Dwarf

Lieutenant Commander Natasha Yar, Security Chief, USS Enterprise (alt. universe)

And these are two requests I did about three years ago. I no longer have the character names or ship assignments.

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