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Re: How far should I go with the Star Wars novels?

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The Bane books were pretty interesting, though I felt each one was less important and less interesting than the one before it.

Crosscurrent I didn't really care for. Starred a bunch of no-name characters (one starred in a video game) in a standalone story that had nothing to do with any larger story.

Oh and the Coruscant Nights trilogy, from authors I usually like, was absolutely terrible!
Well, with Crosscurrent I know it will at least get a sequel, Riptide. I got a feeling they are going to make a trilogy out of it. Because it starred no-name characters, that was appealing to some fans who were getting tired of Skywalker-Solo centric books. I thought the shift away from the Skywalker-Solos was good, IMO. And the potential fallout from what happened in Crosscurrent could have galatic repercussions if DelRay chose to go in that direction.

I do think that the novel portion of the EU has been lacking in developing characters that can be interesting and stand on their own without the Big Three of Luke, Leia, or Han. The comics have done a much better job in this regard with heroes like Zayne Carrick, Quinlas Vos, Das Jennir, and even Cade Skywalker.

I keep hearing bad things about Coruscant Nights. Dang, I bought the whole trilogy but haven't read it yet. I liked Darth Maul Shadow Hunter and was thinking it would pick up some characters, storyline from that book.
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