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Re: AVATAR TREATMENT FOR REBOOT KLINGONS least we love the idea of making the Klingons bigger and meaner. But the parasites on their backs...i don't know...prehaps if you explain more about that...Is it like the Trill species ? Anyways, your point is taken about the talons/ claws on a rebooted Bird of Prey. But the fun with sci-fi is not everything has to be logical. Who's to say these new Bird of prey starships isn't contructed out of a powerful alloy able to perform the sort of feats i mentioned. ( not to mention; take the stress)I didn't know about the Buck Rogers comparison. I remember Hawk with his ship, but i can't recall the episode you mentioned. I do support your idea for the klingons though...maybe we can all get a poll going or something. With technology today, we should be seeing more 'alien' species in Star trek than the humanoid varity they continue to supply.
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