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Re: How far should I go with the Star Wars novels?


I loved the Bane books. I thought they painted a pretty good, at times chilling portrait of a Sith Lord. I also liked Crosscurrent. In a way it bridges the events of LOTF and FOTJ without relying heavily on either series. You can read Crosscurrent without reading either series and still enjoy it. If you want a non-Skywalker novel, then both the Bane series and Crosscurrent should suffice.

Though if you're into strong Jedi characters or Jedi as central characters, I would recommend Crosscurrent over the Bane books. In the Bane books, they are largely told from a Sith perspective. Though the most prominent Jedi characters are in the first Bane book, Path of Destruction. I believe this is so because the writer uses the characters from the graphic novel Jedi v. Sith which predated the Bane books.

I had heard they were going back to trilogies after FOTJ. So, there shouldn't be any mega-series for a while.
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