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Laughing at him isn't a "trendy fad" so much as it is the accumulation of doing consistently bad films to the point where audiences can't take you seriously anymore.
The problem isn't that people don't like Shyamalan, it's that they can't shut the fuck up about not liking Shyamalan. This thread is a great example: about 5% of it actually concerns Devil. You just about have to Ctrl+F through the thing to find anything remotely worth reading.

It'll probably die down eventually - most folks these days no longer feel the need to turn any thread containing the string 'George Lucas' into a discussion about exactly how much they didn't like those Star Wars prequels - but for the moment it's just fucking annoying. Talk about a low signal:noise ratio.

Twilight has the same problem. I pity anyone who actually enjoys those novels/films; it must be a nightmare trying to find discussions about them that don't consist largely of endless variations on 'lolol Twilight sux'.
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