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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian you have another link for your song? Its again one of those that are not working in my country and Id like to hear it as well.... :-(

As for drinking, I find it easy to understand really. Numbing feelings and memories for some time. I donīt drink either, but I īve seen it happen in my family. Drinking does not need to have logic and makes things worse, but when things are worse just one moment of "faced release" seems to have a greater value, than anything else coming with it. Surly not the best of coping strategies, but some people did not learn good coping strategies and alcohol is easy to get and use and legal.

... Stay clear! Itīs the singing of things Iīm longing to hear. You touch them and stiff and silent they turn. Youīre killing the things for whose singing I yearn!

I support PLAN.
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