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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

TerokNor wrote: View Post
P.S. Though I also had a good laugh... I confused the words food and foot..and for a moment had the picture of Brenok having his foot in his mouth while talking to the same time in my head..and was somewhat puzzled, why you would make him do that and that he is so agile... a second later I read the rest of the sentences of course and noticed my mistake. Still now that picture is in my head and makes me laugh.
Of course, the saying "having one's foot in one's mouth" DOES have a meaning in English--it means that person said something stupid.

Gul Re'jal wrote: View Post
Yes, Brenok chose the same "escape" as Damar. The easiest and worst way for sure.
It's hard for me to see HOW it actually is an escape...all it does it make the feelings even worse than simply dealing with it. But then I don't drink, so I guess I can't really understand.

But he's going to get help, and from very unexpected source at that.
Oh dear, this has me a bit worried about who it might be and what that could mean for him.

BTW...I realize Brenok doesn't pray, but this song feels emotionally like what you describe here. And the voice MIGHT be a fit...not sure. Be sure to listen to the song ALL the way to the end.
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