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Re: RLM finally did it / Plinkett reviews Star Trek

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Jennifer did look a bit rough in her scenes, though. The harsh make-up and lighting probably added to that (and I don't think she looks good as a blonde) and, well, then there's the whole "she was giving birth at the time" thing.
I agree!.... in a movie about which we have complaints about how the Enterprise could not have escaped from a black hole by ejecting and detonating her warp core(s!), in which Spock Prime should not have been able to see Vulcan explode from Delta Vega, in which we find a huge, bright red creature on an ice planet... the film makers actually get it right in that a woman in labor is not going to look like she just walked off the set of a shampoo commercial!

(Of course, if you are from Capella IV and your name is Eleen, you may come through the experience without even working up much of a sweat)(What else would you expect, though, from a Catwoman?)
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