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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Despite the win I am not convinved with 4-4-2, until the 2nd goals went in, we looked unable to break Bulgaria down for a good hour after until they just collasped. I expected a tougher test and the Swiss will provide it. I still feel 4-5-1 is needed for the tougher away fixture on Tuesday.

My Player Ratings...
Hart (8) - When call upon he made several solid saves and always looked in command, no mistakes at all. Even had time for some kick ups to cheer up the fans when the match went a bit dull.

Johnson (5) - Very poor going forward, never linked up well with Walcott. Very suspect at the back once again and will be the most likely way for Swiss to score against us on Tuesday.

Jagielka (7) - Very composed and looked like he was a 50 cap pro, never looked in trouble.

Dawson (6) - Looked a little shakier than his partner and made one poor mistake mis timing his jump but got better until his bad injury.

Cole (8) - Fantastic attacking performance from the full back, troubled his opponents all nigt long and was solid at the back.

Walcott (5.5) - Poor for ENG, looked in two minds at time and his lack of a footballing brain was shown again by poor timed runs and inability to beat the full back.

Barry (6) - Quiet game but did his job properly and look better with Stevie alongside him. Still needs to close down the gaps quicker though.

Gerrard (7) - Solid passing game, getting the ball around the pitch and was up n down the field proving protection for his defence and linking up for the attacks.

Milner (7) - Never stopped running and got better as the game went. I still feel he would be better in a central 5 midfield but he can attack and defend, very valuable.

Rooney (7) - His best overall performance in nearly 12 months for England but needs a goal, must get into the box quicker. Set up 2 goals and was involved in another, however agaisnt Swiss we must go 5 and Wayne made need to be dropped for Defoe.

Defoe (8) - 1st ENG hat trick and took his goals well though lucky with 2nd due to poor keeping I felt. However until last 25 minutes he was not really n game apart from his 1st goal but began to link up better with Wayne/Stevie in last third of match.

Cahill (6) - Didn't have much to do and twice, him and Jag's ran in each others way. Look assured and could start tuesday, pacy too.

A.Johnson (7) - Did more in 20 minutes than Walcott did in 70. Took his goal well though poor keeping again and for me must start on Tuesday. A J.Cole in the making without doubt must be played to mature properly.

Young (N/A) - Pointless sub near end.
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