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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

Poor Brenok. Walking now in Damars footprints does he? I hope he gets better, though it is a really hard thing he is going too, a thing that could destroy a person forever.

As for Jarol.... I also didnīt like Ahal, however that was a really ruthless thing to do...


P.S. Though I also had a good laugh... I confused the words food and foot..and for a moment had the picture of Brenok having his foot in his mouth while talking to the same time in my head..and was somewhat puzzled, why you would make him do that and that he is so agile... a second later I read the rest of the sentences of course and noticed my mistake. Still now that picture is in my head and makes me laugh.

P.P.S. And really like the cardassian writing.
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