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Re: Trek Comic Caption Contest #5: Talk to the Hand!!

Splitting hairs. Stereotypes aren't based on facts. There are just as many factual flaws behind the insulting portrayal of Troi as an incompetent responsible for the crash. So this is not about facts, it's about attitudes and predispositions. If people were predisposed to mock men for their "driving" skills, they'd ignore the facts so they could make jokes about Kirk and Paris and all the countless male characters who've crashed shuttles. Hell, the one character in Trek history who's been canonically mocked onscreen as a terrible automobile driver is James T. Kirk. But instead the only character who is RELENTLESSLY AND REFLEXIVELY MOCKED in fandom as a dangerous driver at every opportunity, even though it's never been a significant part of her character, is a woman. And that tells me that sexism is alive and well on the Internet. This is an ugly joke, it's a tired and overused joke, and it should stop. Even if it weren't derogatory, it's just overused and cliched. It's lazy to fall back on it.
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