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Re: Trek Comic Caption Contest #5: Talk to the Hand!!

^ Mrs. SicOne, giggling behind me, begs to differ. She enjoyed "Generations". TNG is the only Trek I could ever get her to watch.

Stay thy wrath, son; for what it's worth, I thought Troi did a fine job whenever she had to step outside her comfort zone as ship's counselor. Especially in TNG's "Disaster", I think that episode was called. You know, the one when Picard was stuck in the turbolift with all of those kids.

BTW, Kirk crashed the Constellation into the Doomsday Machine. Decker took a shuttle into it.

And Paris had no helm control at the time Voyager crashed in "Timeless".

Christopher, I am shocked and dismayed. Usually you check your facts before you work yourself into a fine froth, pardner.

Have a nice night.
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