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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

Jimmy Bob wrote: View Post
Yeah, I'm sort of trying to feel out the general acceptance level of that here and see if GodBen still loves me.
So that's it, is it? You think you can just walk into my life again after leaving me like that? You think that I could still love you after you left me with the likes of DevilEyes and flemm? Do you have any idea how boring they are?! They didn't even make a single ironic racist joke in all that time.

Well, I don't need you any more, JimmyBob! I found someone new, someone that wont just abandon me: BobbyJim. Maybe I don't feel as strongly for BobbyJim as I once did for you, but at least he's there for me, he supports me, he makes me feel special while you made me feel like dirt. And he likes to cuddle afterwards.

DevilEyes wrote: View Post
He won't love you anymore when he finds out you called him GodBen instead of TheGodBen! He's very sensitive about that stuff!
That or Godfrey, which is my real-world first name. (Probably not true.)
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