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Re: Angel ep by ep; rewatch and reviews

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Best line
Angel; (heartbroken) "Cordy will be back soon, with presents for Connor"
What a great line!

Angel's feelings are very similar to Fred's. For Angel, Connor won't really be lost through a portal to a hell-dimension until Cody knows. For Fred, her time on the other side of the portal wasn't completely real until she came face-to-face with her parents.

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Angel meanwhile prepares to stick a needle in Linwood's eye.
Joss did many great things in the course of Angel, and he rarely drops the ball as far as characters are concerned (as one of saturn5's earlier reviews said: there are no minor characters in Joss' 'verse).

But Linwood is just crap.

Actually - with all due respect to Daniel Dae Kim and Lilah the evil bitch - without Lindsey McDonald and Holland Manners, W&H is a pretty lame place. No wonder the beast will have no problems trashing the place in a little while.

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Angel attempts to smother Wes

here comes the emotional pain but it's SUPREMELY well done.
I love how it takes just so fucking long for Wes to work himself back from betraying Angel. More than a season, really. Even saving Angel from the bottom of the ocean isn't enough.

That's one area where B5 really sucked. Garibaldi is back with the gang in no time. We never see whether or not Lennier works his way back into Sheridan's graces (although probably not). But the point is, unlike the the long agonizing building up to Wes' betrayal (for a faked prophesy, no less!), we get very little (other than jealousy) as to Lennier.
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