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Re: Couple of covers for Upcoming Trek

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Huh? According to what?
The Tale of the Breaking, in Worlds of DS9: "Paradigm". Sort of. They have elemental guardians who embody their supposed gender traits. Okay, so it's not quite equivalent (maybe my description above is a little inaccurate), but it made an amusing joke (well, amusing to me) .

"To one shall be given wisdom to be a protector--the cunning warrior who shall fight for the future.

"To another shall be given strength, providing a foundation upon which the others can build.

"One shall be given blood, the river of life that shall flow among the others, providing nurture and sustenance when the flesh longs to yield.

"And to the last shall be given passion, for the flame of desire will bring change to the others and warm them when the chill is bitterest."

So Thirishar became four: Charaleas became wisdom; Zheusal became strength; Shanchen became blood; Thirizaz became passion. Together, the four are the First Kin.

Uzaveh banished the four to the farthest reaches of the kingdom and upon seeing them there, so far from the Thrones and utterly alone, appointed for each a guardian.

For Thirizaz, the Fire Daemon fed the soul-consuming passion. Loving Shanchen became a vessel for the Water Spirit, forever bound to the Eternal love flowing from Uzaveh's Throne. For strong Zheusal, Earth became protector. For wise Charaleas, the Stars became guides, their light defying darkest night.

Curse my odd sense of humour! But Shar is a starbender not an airbender. Though hopefully the sex problem isn't so bad that he's the only one left...
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