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Re: RLM finally did it.

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The second you try to think of it as a part of the Trek legacy it kinda falls apart in my mind, but if you don't think about it and just enjoy it, it remains brilliant.
Like I said to a fellow fan in the cinema lobby after seeing the film, it's Star Trek lite.

Not meant at all as a put down of the film. Its just that I have my box sets of The Original Series, TAS, the special editions of the TOS films to watch, so I can just kick back and enjoy the easy servings of Trek action.

Or perhaps put it like this, you find your Dad's first car in the scrap yard, fix it up, change the paint colour, fit bucket seats, fancy wheels, new engine. While he's disappointed its not the original, he still likes to drive it around town, appreciating the looks he's getting in it now.

In fact, you could also forget those first two ideas and put it like this.
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