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Re: Dwight Schultz On Conservative Talk

I actually agree--but the emphasis is on the fact that, for all the good intentions--that is what it's spiraled down into. Going too far.

Should there be social programs? Sure. But the Federal Government, with all the bureaucracies inherent, should not take it upon itself to do this--because it simply results in a permanent underclass that feels trapped and helpless--that is being smothered--that is constantly being told that, "You can't make it on your own!"

These programs, I believe, must be kept in the state and local levels, so as to discard all this corruption and waste...and to that end we must dedicate all our energies--and our cares.

So to be honest, DevilEyes...yes, those situations are similar.

A mother raises a child for a limited amount of time. The moment the "child" is grown up, the mother must let him go, to live his life on his own. The further the government from the people...the less likely it becomes that such a determination can be honestly made.

Folks...I apologize if this has caused an off-topic distraction.
"The saying implies but does not name the effective agency of its supposed utopia.... 'Needs and abilities' are, of course, subjective. So the operative statement may be reduced to 'the State shall take, the State shall give'."
--David Mamet
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