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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

OH OH!!!! *Raises Hand*

I KNOW!!!!!

Wil Wheaton as Captain Wesley Crusher

^ The original Wesley Crusher was abducted by the Dominion before the war broke out, was one of the original replaced with a Changling and the Traveler eventually discovered the Wesley that went with him wasn't real, which explained why his attitude changed so suddenly, so he went back to save the real Wesley in a Dominion POW compound where he was forced to battle Jem'Hadar, so he comes back to Starfleet with a different, more seasoned attitude, where he finished his training as a cadet early due to his experience with the Dominion giving him an advantage and quickly moves up the ranks to captain his own ship.

He's harder, takes no guff and no longer has the patience to kiss brass-ass.... he does the job that needs to be done, but every so often won't be shy in using his brain powers to his ships' benefit.

Top that everybody
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