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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I can scarcely believe Reading let Sigurdsson go. Then again, 6m for a 20-yr old with one good season under his belt? I'd bite Hoffenheim's hand off as well.

Not a bad window for us - Ledley gone (no one cares), McCormack sold for a small profit but again no one minds too much, Gerrard on loan to Hull solely to allow Olofinjana to play against them (that's my theory anyway). That does leave us with just 3 CBs, but Chris Riggot is likely to be signed up as a free agent so not too awful. And to cap it off, Bellamy, Olofinjana, Drinkwater and Naylor are all very signings. I'm optimistic... for now!

Can't believe you sold Rob Hulse to bloody QPR!

Oh, and how do Portsmouth still have a team if they sold another 2 players? The mind boggles. League One for them.
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