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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

This is just in from Bill:
"At long last I have finished Starbase 211!! Well, finished enough for the work on "The Old Guys" anyway -- there are a number of things I want to make better on it. Plus, the undersides of the two "mushroom-shaped" hulls aren't done, but they won't be seen in any of these FX shots. I will try to get the flashing beacon on the lower spire working tonight, and get started on the moving starfield for the end credits. Once I finish that moving starfield, I can plop it on the second system to render so I can continue using my primary system to work on the other sequences."

He adds:
I have now completed 18 FX shots for the console animations. The easier ones are about finished, leaving the really difficult ones to complete (the ones with major camera motion), with just a handful that don't need any FX. I think you'll like what I did...

Getting there, getting there....
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