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Now it's just seen as the 'hip' thing to do now that the clip has made the rounds. Uwe Boll made horrid movies and if any director deserved to be laughed at when his name appeared it would be his and yet it didn't happen. No reported mass laughter at trailers or just his name appearing.

Laughing at M.Night has just become some trendy fad to do now.
Maybe if he made better movies he wouldn't be laughed at. He's laughable now because that's what he has devolved to. I have a hard time defending or being sympathetic toward someone that gets paid millions of dollars to do movies on huge budgets and yet still makes crappy films. It would be one thing had he made one film that was so-so, but he's on a steady decline and his films just keep on getting progressively worse.

Laughing at him isn't a "trendy fad" so much as it is the accumulation of doing consistently bad films to the point where audiences can't take you seriously anymore. I will admit that some audiences are really judgmental and hard-to-please, but at the same time M. Night has gotten himself into this situation by continuing on his streak of declining quality. I mean, it got to the point where after the monstrosity that was The Happening that I swore never to see another film by M. Night ever again. At least not one that I willingly pay to see. It was that bad of a movie.

I think if anything people are upset and irritated that they keep on having faith in him and giving him another chance and he keeps on blowing it and making yet another horrible movie. At some point his clout is going to wear off and audiences are eventually going to just stop seeing his movies. As a consequence, I think Devil is going to flop hard.

And while I know M. Night just produced the film, and I feel bad for the filmmakers who have to deal with the bad press associated with the film based on M. Night's horrible declining reputation, I won't feel bad if and when it does flop. The trailer itself was pretty laughably bad, and I think M. Night needs to face the consequences of his bad creative decisions over the years. Or someone needs to stop footing the bill for his creative "genius". Maybe if he's forced to work on a shoe-string budget maybe he'll get creative again. But I doubt it.
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