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Re: Darren Aronosfky (!) a contender to direct "Wolverine 2"

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I forgive Jackman for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It's not his fault the movie sucked or that he picked the wrong director. Gavin Hood did the fantastic Tsotsi and came from the same dramatic, independent background that Bryan Singer or Christopher Nolan did. I doubt Jackman figured Hood would have fucked it up as much as he did.
I don't think too much blame can be laid at Hood's feet. Wolverine was screwed the moment 20th Century Fox decided to do the Weapon X storyline instead of the Japan storyline (which is reportedly the plotline they're using for Wolverine II).

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Well, it is true that 20th Century Fox has been notorious in their meddling of their productions including their comic-book properties such as X-Men and the Fantastic Four. They short-changed Bryan Singer on the first two movies in many ways, from cutting back time, budget, resources and basically making it nearly impossible for Singer to do some of the things he really wanted to do (for example, he wanted Sentinels, the Danger Room and other characters in X2 but they were cut; several origin sequences and characters had to be removed from X-Men because of time and budget restraints).
For another example, X-Men was originally supposed to come out in the fall of 2000. Midway through production, 20th Century Fox informed Singer that they felt that X-Men was more of a summer movie. Singer breathed a huge sigh of relief until they informed him that they meant summer of 2000, not 2001.

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Note of caution: Anyone read the godawful script Aaranofsky and Frank Miller turned out for a potential adaptation of Batman: Year One some time ago. Where Alfred was a jive-talking black guy and Batman got his name because of the Bat-shaped indentations left by punches thrown when wearing his father's rings? Where the Batcave was a garage?
Upsetting if so, especially given that they already had a script. It's not like Batman: Year One is some Watchmen-like opus and by nature unfilmable in its canonical version; you could probably literally film Year One shot for shot exactly.

And in fairness to Aronofsky, latterday Frank Miller is a crazy street person. I would expect the GoddamnBatman-esque elements to be largely his input.
I suspect so. Still, you'd think Aronofsky would know enough about Batman to not indulge Miller's madness.
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