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You know the real M. Night problem?

That he keeps getting the title cards in previews and ads.

His agent probably thinks that's a great idea, and it's not.

The groans are 90% for the pretentiousness of continuing to insert those title cards when you've had a string of flops.
One outright flop. Not a string.
M.Night Shyamalan movie list shows his movies, even the still at theaters Last Airbender, shows only one disaster financially speaking and that's Lady in the Water. Which even after worldwide receipts only pulled in a fraction over the films production budget. Meaning the studio netted a sure loss at the box office. I doubt it made the ground up on DVD's. His other films don't have that problem.

I agree they should take his name off the lead title card. For his first few movies the media was quick to label him and place him in conversations with the likes of Spielberg, Hitchcock and some of the greats. It was really unfair and no doubt helped him early on but that time has past.
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