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Re: Was What Happened to Lore legal? Opinions, please!

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I tend to agree with this.

Also "Nobody's complaining" would seem like a weak reason not to investigate a potential crime.
Simply put, Lore wasn't a Federation citizen, thus out of their jurisdiction..... he was created by a Fed Citizen, but as another member mentioned, Data was his next of Kin thus legally allowed to decide what happens..... also, as another member mentioned, Soong took him apart and had no intention of him being reactivated in the first place.

To put it bluntly, Lore was an accident.
If you apply the same principles to Lore that were applied to Data, it's possible he would be considered property and then would be in their jurisdiction.

I don't think there's any legal grounds establishing Data as Lore's next of kin in any case. Not to say an argument couldn't be made, but we're talking legalities.

Soong may not have intended for Lore to be active, but I'm not sure that anyone has the right to summarily deactivate him either, provided they don't intend to give him a fair hearing at some point.

I'm forced to wonder whether people would apply the same arguments if Lore hadn't exhibited anti-social behavior.
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