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I was only saying the 'fad' was the laughing during the trailer for Devil.

I wasn't saying anything about his movies the last 3-4yrs. I know some gave up on him awhile back. I wasn't trying to counter that only saying the fad was this recent trend of laughter during the Devil trailer.

Although Happening is really the only film of his I didn't outright like.
See, I never understood the love in the first place. Sixth Sense worked (once - when you know the twist the movie loses a lot of its interest),....
I know I'm probably coming off as some M.Night fan club president to some but I'm not. I'm the Sargent at Arms .

Once you know the twist/plot/surprise in any movie does it not lose interest? Playing devils(pun intended) advocate here but how does it apply different to his movies than others? I still watch Goonies, SW, my Treks, VforVendetta etc countless times even though I know how they unfold. Is Kirk dead at the end of Kahn? Oh, I wish I knew. Will the Fratellis catch the kids and bury them at sea?

Just to surprise those who might still think I totally and unabashadly love MNS I only own 1 of his movies.
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