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I was only saying the 'fad' was the laughing during the trailer for Devil.

I wasn't saying anything about his movies the last 3-4yrs. I know some gave up on him awhile back. I wasn't trying to counter that only saying the fad was this recent trend of laughter during the Devil trailer.

Although Happening is really the only film of his I didn't outright like.
See, I never understood the love in the first place. Sixth Sense worked (once - when you know the twist the movie loses a lot of its interest), Unbreakable was mildly fun if you're a giant comic book nerd like me - but even being a giant comic book nerd like me, I was unsatisfied with the superhero's "weakness". Signs was ludicrous with about 15 minutes of genuine suspense. The Village also was mildly interesting - but anyone who didn't see the twist coming a mile and half away I have to wonder about. Lady in the Water was literally laughable (as in I giggled in disbelief repeatedly at its ridiculousness). You couldn't have paid me to see The Happening. The Devil trailer seems to promise more of the same schtick - attempts at suspense, salted with story logic that defies suspension of disbelief.

All in all, he's always seemed to me a film maker of mediocre talent who attempts to build a mystique around his work but ends up having the air of a self-important 20-year-old would-be heir to Hitchcock, which would describe about 85% of the nerdy guys in film school over the last 25 years. Several of whom I worked with at a movie theater in college. Proving once again that who makes it in Hollywood often has more to do with dumb luck than anything else.
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