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Besides USAToday rates him on a comeback with Airbender(an A- grade), sorry to rock the boat of the haters.
Yep. Airbender is his "comeback."

It has a 7% Rotten Tomatoes with 10 positive reviews out of 140. (2 out of 29 on the "top critics" tab.) Don't like Rotten Tomatoes? Think it's too skewed? Okay, Metacritic gives it a "naturalized" score of 20 out of 100 points with one positive review out of 33!

The "user" rating is at 3.1 (average of 290 pollsters) and has 45 out of 151 positive user reviews.

On the financial front the movie's domestical total has yet to, and likely will not, meet the movie's production budget (likely be to half again larger when any advertising is factored in). The world wide total right now stands at around $250m which "at best" means the movie, after production and advertising costs, has broken even. (Box Office Mojo)

So it may not be strictly a "flop" it's Box Office success isn't great at all and when all is said and done after DVD sales the movie will turn a modest profit, but won't blow anyones skirts up. Given the movie's critical backlash, as well as fan backlash, it is hardly a "hit" either financially, critically, or from the Airbender Fandom (which from what I have seen have pretty much said the movie doesn't do the source material proper justice) I wouldn't say the movie is a comeback for M. Night in any way whatsoever.

When the guy first came on the scene majorly with Sixth Sense in 1999, yeah, the guy was awesome. I thought Unbreakable was okay and wasn't a huge fan of Signs. Word of mouth alone pretty much prevented me from seeing his other movies and the stuff I heard about them didn't really impress me much. The guy is hardly the next, or current, Spielberg, Hitchcock, or any of the other great movie makers. Making one, big, movie that had everyone talking in ten years, two others people mostly shurg at and say "had flaws but was good", and then like three or four others where people face-palm just thinking about them (trees, what the fuck?!) and now to the point where people think a movie is worth not seeing just because your name on it hardly makes you a great film-maker.

In all honest. He has one good movie he's made in 10 years that still stands up as good but, really, only if you don't know the twist in it.
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