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I've seen the trailer in front of three movies now, and other audience members laughed each time when Shyamalan's name came up on screen.
Now it's just seen as the 'hip' thing to do now that the clip has made the rounds. Uwe Boll made horrid movies and if any director deserved to be laughed at when his name appeared it would be his and yet it didn't happen. No reported mass laughter at trailers or just his name appearing.

Laughing at M.Night has just become some trendy fad to do now.

I've seen the trailer twice and not once witnessed any discernable vocal reaction from the crowd. I haven't seen it in about a month so I'm curious to see if the fad will have finally infiltrated Nashville audiences next time I see it.

Besides USAToday rates him on a comeback with Airbender(an A- grade), sorry to rock the boat of the haters.
I love you, man I do but you're swinging from this guys tip way too hard.

Dude, it's not a fad.
I was a big fan of his as were many, many people but we've all seen his films steadily decline. After such shit-tastic films like "The Happening" & "Air Bender", I myself can't find anything about his work worth defending. I'm starting to believe a one(or two) hit wonder was all he ever was.

It's not a fad, we've given up on him for a good reason.
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