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Re: Trek Comic Caption Contest #5: Talk to the Hand!!

Crusher: There is something I have to tell you...I am pregnant and its if your thinking about that time at Starbase 2, I was extremely drunk and I don't really remember, in fact I visited seven different quarters before I could find yours.

Spock: So, Captain these are the pictures I am sending to the Survivor audition.

Kirk: Why are you sending a topless one?

Riker: If we are there and there and there, but we are still here, even though we are there, how could we be there and there yet still here. WHERE ARE WE??

Worf: Today was the day I stop drinking?

Picard: Wesley, keep up! Now where was I? Oh yeah, now if you keep up that physical routine...Wesley, stop that at once, I told you don't have a hump on your back...anyways, if you keep up on that physical routine I showed you, you could have massive man pecks like me.
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