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Re: Trek Comic Caption Contest #5: Talk to the Hand!!

Thanks for the win !

Crusher: "Arise, creature of the pit! My will is your command!... what the heck?"

Fiend: "YOU SUMMONED ME...?"

Crusher: "I said Hell-derived henchman, not Hair-deprived Frenchman".

Detective Kirk: "By the looks of these photographs, our primary suspects are Armus, the Sheliak, and Hexxus from Ferngully".

Detective Spock: "That's spilt ink, sir".

A battlefleet approaches, charging weapons...

Worf: "No! My fine china!"

Riker: "Forget the china, Worf, it's done for! We need you here!"

Worf (hopping around in uncertainty): "Oooh...oooh....ooh..."
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