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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

Mark_Nguyen wrote: View Post
Do we REALLY need a re-editted and remastered "Shades of Gray"?
That'd be a painfully easy one to do, since most of the footage will already be edited by the time they get to it.

YARN wrote: View Post
The longer you wait, the more the film degrades, the harder it is to track down errant film canisters, and so on.
If it's stored properly, film lasts for a very long time.
I do hope it's been well kept and organised.

CorporalClegg wrote: View Post
Hopefully, if true, they can use it as a proving ground to perfect the technology to make it cheap and efficient. That way they may eventually be persuaded to do DS9 and VOY--I would assume transferring ENT to BR wouldn't be too difficult.
ENT is effectively HD-Ready right now. I have no doubt we'll see that on Blu-ray soon, probably before any of the other series.

swaaye wrote: View Post
Hopefully they have it ready for the next level of "TrueHD". Surely a resolution jump will happen again sometime down the road.
It will be scanned at 4K resolution, which is about double 1080p, if I recall correctly.
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