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Trek Comic Caption Contest #5: Talk to the Hand!!

Last time on Star Trek: The Comic Caption Contest...
Christopher wrote:

CAROL: "I keep telling you, Jim! You can't reprogram the simulator to cheat on a pregnancy test!"
KIRK: "Watch me!"
Deranged Nasat wrote:

"Captain's log, stardate 2844.5. The patented "blankie" technology suggested by Mr. La Forge seems to have been effective. I have remained safe and secure all night, and sensors currently reveal no sign of the boogeyman aboard".
Nerys Myk wrote:
If Deranged Nast , SicOne, and Christopher dont mind:

SISTER MARY: Methinks you meant "entomology," the study of insects!!!!

KIRK: Wow!!! Nuns and rulers sure have changed!!!!!!
(^with an honorable mention to the rest of the "entomology saga")

kkozoriz1 wrote:

Y M C A!
You are all...

And now..."Talk to the Hand!!"

Star Trek Imponderables, fun mashups of Trek's biggest continuity errors! Ep1, Ep2 and Ep3
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