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I've seen the trailer in front of three movies now, and other audience members laughed each time when Shyamalan's name came up on screen. I think that's rather unfortunate, really. I may not have cared much for The Village, and flat-out hated The Happening like so many others, but I still think he brings a different sensibility and approach that can be very interesting.

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I'm actually looking forward to this...he just came up with the story M.Night didn't write or direct this film so I have hopes it will be good. The next film in the series is called "The Twelve Strangers" and is being written by Chris Sperling who wrote the upcoming Ryan Reynolds movie "Buried".
Thank you for this. When I noticed the website URL in the trailer the first time, I assumed this was a novel adaptation but I never bothered trying to find out if my assumption was accurate or not.

While I don't disagree that he's been on a downward spiral since Signs (which I wasn't all that fond of, and I have yet to watch Lady in the Water), I loved Unbreakable and quite enjoyed The Sixth Sense. If Shyamalan had directed this, I probably would've waited for a rental. Since he didn't, I think I'll go ahead and try to check it out in theater if I can fit it in.
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