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Re: Darren Aronosfky (!) a contender to direct "Wolverine 2"

I haven't seen any of Slade's films, but I would just about die if Aronofsky were to direct. Aronofsky directing would pretty much be my definition of heaven. Of course, I'd also much rather just see more original work from him, but if a turning out a successful mainstream franchise film could give him more backing to pursue his own material, then so be it. Definitely looking forward to Black Swan.

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I forgive Jackman for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It's not his fault the movie sucked or that he picked the wrong director. [...]
It wasn't entirely Hood's fault, though, was it? I seem to recall reading several stories during production and shortly after the film came out that Fox screwed with him quite a bit.

I just spent a few minutes searching for a specific article that I recall reading around the time of X3 that talked about a specific Fox exec overseeing the X-Men franchise who was often in conflict with Bryan Singer over the first film and was basically pushed aside for Singer to have free reign when X2 went into production. Unfortunately, I can't find that article now but I seem to recall it also mentioning that he was able to reassert his control over the franchise once Singer was out of the picture and I feel like he was one of the driving forces behind the Wolverine mess.

I wish I could find that article so I wouldn't sound so speculative and vague about my recollections. I keep feeling that it was Tom Rothman, co-chair and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment, but I can't verify that since I can't find the article. I'm posting all of this anyways because I figure that if anyone would have a good memory of what I'm trying to talk about, it would be you, JA.
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