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Argus Skyhawk wrote:
As a huge fan of The Sixth Sense and an admirer of Unbreakable, I feel bad for the guy. He showed promise in his earlier films, and man I was hoping The Last Airbender would prove to be his comeback. Dang.
I don't feel bad for him, because anyone could see, and should have seen at the script stage, that Signs, et al, had tremendous flaws. My interest, at this point, is almost academic--how did he go from making engaging, hermetic mysteries to what I'll charitably describe as "stories" about ludicrous, essentially divine threats, resolved by the Power of Fucking Love?

Well, that and the interest in being entertained by schadenfreude.

I agree with the above comments that Devil looks absolutely dire, and possibly not even interestingly bad, like Signs or The Happening.

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