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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

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The A-Team
Twilight: Eclipse
Me too, and I liked both of them. I stand by my irrational liking of Twilight despite its shortcomings (and silly elements). As for the A-Team, it was fun (as a child of the eighties, I loved the series)- also, I have a crush on Sharlto Copley, so I definitely wanted to see him on the big screen.

I haven't been to the cinema much. I saw Inception two weeks ago, and I thought it was very entertaining.

As for non-cinema first time viewings, I can remember only the ones I hated:

300- bwahahahaha. Seriously, it's so corny I couldn't stand it. Gerard Butler is bad enough, but in this case, it was the whole package *shudder*.

Inglourious Basterds- seriously, people. What a load of whaffle.

Boondock Saints two (whatever the name)- awful. The first one was great, but meh. This one is hardly worth the waste of time.

The Golden Compass- humpf.

Avatar- overrated and too in-your-face moral lesson. You got nothing on D9, bitch.

Can't think of anything else.
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