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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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Are you using the same difficulty setting? You may have a point. I played Bioshock on easy and I died like once the entire game. With 2, I don't know how many times I died, but I was constantly out of good ammo and desperate to find an Ammo Bandito.
I played half of the first Bioshock on medium and changed to easy. I've met some tough splicer, changed the settings and forgot to change back. Even on medium, I died maybe once or twice before the change. I didn't die on easy and I've never ran out of ammo or EVE.
I started Bioshock 2 on medium and it's much more difficult for me. I finish each big battle (Big Daddies, Big Sisters and when the Little Sister gathers Adam) almost without health, EVE and ammo. Spider splicers also seem a lot tougher. Surrounding the area with mini-turrets, traps and hacking the cameras help a lot but it's still tough.
It's a fun game nevertheless ...
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