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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

@Mytran - d'oh sorry to hear about your hdd. Never fun

@Wildstar - thanks and congrats on the new job Your diagram helped orientate the red cage area that Lazarus was hiding in but I ended up watching and matching as much as I could directly from the episode.

It was harder than the other parts of the ship as I didn't have much for scale or reference points. I ended up starting with the height of the door frames and Lt Masterson (relative to Kirk).

I wasn't able to derive the shape of the desk so this is a bit of a guess. If anyone happens to have a set diagram that would be awesome

One interesting bit was that the engineering console in the outer room had its height adjusted between scenes. In one it is lower and the other it is higher. I realized this by looking at Masterson's right arm and comparing the two shots. So I'm chalking that console to be adjustable in height.

For grins I added the S1 corridor set as well. When I drop it into the cutaway in the engineering hull I'll be bending/adjusting the curve of the corridor and the walls of the energiser room that were not visible on camera

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