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Re: Seven Deadly Sins Discuss/ Grade

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I have a question about the timeframe of "The Unhappy Ones." The historian's note reads, "This story takes place in 2269, prior to the destruction of the Klingon battle-cruiser at Beta XII-A ("Day of the Dove" TOS)." I'm assuming that it would have to be before Day of the Dove because Kang's vessel is a complete loss (I think) in that episode. Although he could be in a new ship by the time of this story. But Memories Alpha and Beta both have Day of the Dove in 2268. Also, I thought I noticed a reference KRAD made to the animated Tribble episode, which is generally accepted to have happened after the live action episodes.

I guess I was just wondering if there was any kind of typo in the historian's note. Not a huge deal, just something that bothers the OCD timeliner in me.

(I apologize if this has been discussed already and I missed it. I reviewed the thread before posting and didn't see anything about it.)
I was wondering that myself.
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