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Re: AMC's 'The Walking Dead' Trailer (Frank Darabont, Gale Anne Hurd)

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I can't emphasize how bad "Survival of the Dead" is, though. Fans tend to dump on "Diary of the Dead," but its far better than the follow-up.
That's too bad. Did Romero direct both of them? It's kind of funny that after such a long dry spell he's now churning out all these sequels. Maybe he'll get around to making a couple of more Creepshow films-- that's what I'd really like to see.
Indeed, he has written and directed every dead film in his canon (Night, Dawn, Day, Land, Diary, and Survival).

Zachary Smith wrote:
The ONLY sensible explanation for "Survival of the Dead" that I can muster is that after so many years of being associated with zombie films, Romero has come to resent it so much that he contrived to make a zombie movie SO bad that NO ONE would ever want to see him make another one. Romero has had some spectacular moments and made a couple really outstanding films. While he's not an overly brilliant film-maker, it's hard to imagine he made a film as bad as "Survival" by accident. He didn't respect his own subject matter in the film and played the zombies pretty much for (VERY lame) laughs. I honestly don't WANT to see another "living dead" film by him. Let someone who respects the concept take over now.
What ruined it for me were not the moments played for laughs, but the moments played straight that still elicited laughter. "I have a twin sister" is the most embarrassing twist I've seen on screen in a long time--the way it is played is straight out of a daytime soap opera (it doesn't help that most of the actors involved are the usual mediocre band of locals that appear in Romero's films).
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