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Re: The Time Lord Compendium

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
Yeah that would be really cool.
I may actually do that.. but this compendium is going to take awhile for sure..

Sean_McCormick wrote: View Post
This looks like the beginning of something great! Thanks for sharing your work with us.
you are welcome.. I would like to caution those who will be inclined to download or save these images, as they will change over time until I have the right design, and there may be some things that need to be corrected as well..

Like for instance a few minor things that need to be done to the cover..

I am also taking a bit of artistic license when it comes to the solar system of the time lords..

Here are some things to look forward to:

gallifrey's main sun's name,
the name of gallifrey's other moon.. (two moons)
the moons around the gas giant of Polarfrey,
the moon of Karn
the planet demos
the sixth world of the Gallifreyan solar system Ithicos
and it's moons..

and more..

so stay tuned as more designs, schematics and such are presented in this massive and comprehensive book, which is a huge undertaking for me, but much fun..
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