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Re: New Trek Series?

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Okay seriously, I've liked the Star Trek Academy idea for a long time. It's just that I have zero faith that TV will make it anything more than Teen Emo Angst/Drunken Frat Party in Space. Take the damn premise seriously, set a lot of it in away missions with the cadets, and follow them for three years after graduation (or do an eight-year show with two groups of students), and you could have a perfectly fine series.

Oh I'm sure the show would be Teen Emo Angst. But that is exactly what CW looks for. And since CBS owns 50% of CW, they may actually do it. Throw in Bad Robot having a TV production deal with Warner Brothers, and the former President of Bad Robot being in charge of drama development at CW and you have all the ducks in a row for a return to TV Trek.

Smallville is ending after this season, so maybe CW will want to replace 10 years of Emo Clark avoiding being Superman with 10 years of Emo Kirk avoiding being a captain. This might not be what any of us here want for Trek on TV, but I hate to say it, it's the most likely outcome.
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