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Re: Star Trek: Shaping a Cardassian

I see that Jarol has begun to make peace with the truth of Cardassian history--at least, when it comes to what Cardassia did to the Bajorans. Having the courage to apologize to Kira and to be honest about what the Cardassians did there...even though the Bajorans in her case were also in the wrong when they killed her family...was a major step for her to take.

Also, realizing that the state is NOT infallible, and that its "justice" destroyed the lives of those who hadn't committed a crime, was a great move.

I'm just curious, describe this archon as justice-minded. (As in, real justice.) Where do you think the ability or the motivation to be that way comes from, given what archons typically did during the rule of Central Command? They were basically political operatives and actors who ran a kangaroo court to put on a good show for the Cardassian people...they were more like screenwriters or producers, I think, than judges (though they'd certainly memorized the law they perverted--a law I suspect to be very, VERY much written like Article 58, that the Soviet Union used as its "excuse" for atrocities).

Jarol's blind spot with regard to Dukat, however, is regrettable. Especially after what he did to her, and all of the horrible things he did to the Cardassian people and so many other peoples, it's a pretty pathetic thing to see. I know I'll be accused of "Godwinning" the discussion, but Dukat was very much like Hitler, and it's hard to be forgiving of anyone who has sympathy for such people. Brenok is right, and I hope he can get through to her.

Brenok, in general, is showing a LOT of courage here, and showing that anyone who underestimates him as nothing but this fragile, wounded creature is going to be in for a lot more than they bargained for if they try to sway him to do something that is against his values.

(BTW..."whitewashed" usually has a negative connotation--trying to cover up something ugly--rather than the positive one you were trying to convey.)
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