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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

A third England footballer has won an injunction to stop claims about his private life going public.
With the amount our footballers who whip out there cocks with anything with two legs and a short dress I feel they should fucking retire and become pornstars for a living. So who do we think are the idiot 3 ?

* Crouch probably has done it before he got caught so thats one

* Rumors flying around about J.Cole and Gerrard though I don't think Stevie is that stupid.

* I wouldn't put it pass Cashley beign in a fucking orgy at the Chelsea training ground or Terry shagging the secetary

As for Chelsea players, we have loss Lamps/Terry for the upcoming ENG game. Lamps is having surgery, which has been obviously planned for the international break meanwhile Defoe whosep robably got less chance of playing puts his off. Remind me of that the next time Lamps tells us how proud he is of playing for England.

Dawson/Jagks will probably be our centre backs, meaning we need to beat Bulgaria because Switzerland in there own back yard are probably going to turn us into swiss cheese.
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